Does this sound familiar?

You're on a call. You've joined remotely, whereas others have joined from the office. They forget to mute, resulting in terrible audio feedback.

At Riff, we've developed Magic Mic, a patent-pending WebRTC technology that eliminates this problem. Magic Mic can make your video-conferencing product instantly better. We are an early stage start-up and are looking to get acquired / sell Magic Mic.

MEET Magic Mic

Magic Mic is a patent-pending WebRTC technology that eliminates in-person feedback when multiple devices join a call from the same room. By intelligently managing proximate microphones and synchronising playback, Magic mic enables every participant in a hybrid call to use their own device echo-free without muting, using headphones or going to separate rooms.View Magic Mic in action:

To get a competitive edge, video conferencing providers need to upgrade their 'room experience', and adopt Magic Mic. We're looking to sell Riff and Magic Mic, would you be interested in learning more?

Why Magic Mic Matters

The way we work is changing. Post-pandemic, over 60% of knowledge workers are hybrid, splitting their working hours between the office, home and travels. But this new hybrid setup isn't without its challenges, especially for those who are remote. 1 in 2 remote joiners feel excluded on calls, and 70% of workers find hybrid calls stressful (according to Clickshare).Since video conferencing tools can't synchronise outcoming audio streams, those in the office can only join a video call with one single computer. Trying to join with multiple co-located machines results in terrible audio feedback, making the video call unworkable. To avoid that, participants have to connect to hardware, mute themselves or join from different rooms. These solutions are burdensome and outmoded.The best solution is for every participant to join with their own computer, so everyone has equal presence and access to work. Which is why we've developed Magic Mic, a patent pending WebRTC technology that eliminates in-person feedback when multiple devices join a call from the same room.

Meet The team

We set out to build Riff, a video workspace for hybrid teams, in 2020. We raised $1.5m in pre-seed money and developed Magic Mic following consistent user feedback that hybrid meetings on Zoom, Google Meet & co. were unworkable.

Isabel Bescos, Co-founder & CEO
Previously VC at Balderton Capital and early employee at BlaBlaCar, where she led growth and strategy from €2m to €70m in revenue.

Matt Scheybeler, Co-founder & CTO
Previously co-founder & CTPO at Blinkx, which he took through IPO and grew to a market cap. of >$1bn. Expert in video & search AI.

Abigail Betley, Senior Research Engineer
20+ years experience at Autonomy and HP in deep learning, speech recognition and audio processing.

Sam Singlewood, Senior Developer
20+ years experience at, Jagex and GeoSpock.